The Pepi Wineries is a 99% woman enterprise, run by women that boldly undertake the profession of the winemaker in Sicily.

The wines of Rosa Pepi and her daughter Erika come to life in Mazzarone, in the area of Licodia Eubea, in the hills along the Dirillo river.

For four generations the family history has revolved around wine, perfecting in time all the phases such as: the commercial side, bottling, distribution and since 2000, they have produced bottles which express the talent of these lands, loved as much as one can love a son.

The wines are created to be appreciated and born to be remembered, wines of character, balanced between the land and the winery.

The pleasantness, the elegance and at the same time the strength delineate the style of the Winery Pepi, are Rosa and Erica’s challenge.


Credits: copystudio.it