A great wine that is the colour of gold, and takes its name from a perfume. Scent of Arabic and Oriental nights: muscas or muscatus. It has something secret and seductive in its name. With a full character and a persistent aroma with a sweet taste. It’s a wine that exudes warmth and gives pleasure and joy to living. It is served at a temperature between twelve and fifteen degrees.


Enriched wine

IGT Sicilian Lands

Area of Production: Marsala area .

Grape: Zibibbo (Moscato of Alessandria)

Cultivation technique: Alberate or Cordon training, dry cultivation

Alcohol content: 16,5% vol.

Sugar content: 110-120g/lt. aprox.

Colour: Intense Gold

Aroma: aromatic, full and persistent

Taste: sweet and warm

Serving temperature: 12/15° C

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