A Special land


Diodoro Siculo talks about the land and the name Mazzarone may come from Ancient Greek, meaning an ear of wheat , grain or dough. There is even the Arabic hypothesis: Makar meaning happiness.

Mazzarone is on a high plain never higher 300 metres above sea level, cut by escarpments and slopes where Mediterranean woods are found, as in the protected area of Sciri Sottano, very close to the town centre.

A central location, not far from Caltagirone, Gela, Ragusa and half way between Enna and Catania, along the Dirillo River. When the river was called Acate it gave its name to the stone: “Agate”.

Many farm labourers moved to this special land, during the Unification of Italy and the suppression of the church properties, in the early years of their new lives they encamped by the river edge building makeshift bamboo shelters.

Only later did the permanent settlements appear and then the town stated to take shape.

A land of colonies, therefore, people who knew what sacrifice was and had initiative.

Until a few years ago this central piece of Sicily, ancient and rural land, was well known above all for its production of table grapes and the festival honouring this fruit.

Today in part thanks to the Peppi Winery the situation has changed.

Credits: copystudio.it